Avoid these practices of breastfeeding days

Avoid these practices of breastfeeding days

Over time, our busyness has increased. Not only men, but women are now engaged in equal rhythm in terms of time and abdominal cravings.So whether it is during pregnancy or after becoming a new mother, it is only a matter of luxuries to eat regularly or to think about lack of nutrition in the body.Avoid these practices

However, who does not know, whether the baby is still in the womb, the supply of food for the baby depends entirely on the mother. What the mother eats during these two times helps to nourish the child’s body. In many cases, however, it is seen that even after the birth of the child, the mother is not very aware of her diet and lifestyle. Meanwhile, the child is completely dependent on maternal health. As the mother’s life becomes turbulent, the child’s body begins to become nutrient deficient.And that’s exactly why Boldsky is going to tell you today that there is a need to give up some practices when breastfeeding or breastfeeding your baby.

Remember, after an age, the child learns to eat himself. Then he receives his nutrients from vegetables – vegetables or fish. But as long as the child is self-sufficient, the mothers have to give up some bad habits, thinking of themselves and their child’s well-being.

What are some bad habits to give up during breastfeeding?

First of all you have to say about smoking. Many women now smoke. However, the difficulty is that this smoking not only affects our own body but also the unborn child. Even if a woman is pregnant, her husband should abstain from smoking. Because in many cases the child’s death from being inside the womb can result from the father’s smoking habits. So it is best not to smoke at least in the presence of a pregnant wife while at home.


Drugs should be taken very carefully during the days of breastfeeding. But it is best not to take too much painkillers or any other kind of drugs at this time. If you need to eat alone, you should consult a doctor.Avoid these practices

Mouth cream on the face and mouth

The mother is very close to her mother for the next few months. Basically, the baby is closest to the mother’s body when weaning. Therefore, the cream used in the mother’s body is inclined to enter the baby’s body. So try using this cream at the doctor’s advice this time.


It is best not to use deodorant or perfume at this time. Because they contain high levels of chemicals. And if any of them are exposed to the baby during breastfeeding, then the danger!

Foods that may be allergic to:

Many of us are allergic to some foods. So that national food should be stopped at this time. Because it can cause problems in the body of the baby. Also foods like coffee and nuts often cause stomach upset. So such foods should also be avoided. Because of the disease in the stomach of the mother, the child is also more likely to be infected.

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