Health guide to keep newborns healthy!

 Health guide to keep newborns healthy!

baby Health guide    She is just a touch of the baby. Particularly because of the softness of the skin of children, they are easily exposed to various problems. Most babies suffer from various skin problems, especially in the months after birth. So parents should always keep an eye on that. However, at some point some skin problems become so much that it becomes a cause for concern. That is why it is important for parents to have some general idea about their children’s skin problems, so that the infected children can get the right treatment at the right time. Today’s special report on some of the skin problems that children have.

A is one of the parts of the body that prevents various types of germs from entering the body. However, since most of the skin is exposed, it is not possible for the skin to contain certain types of germs. Then the skin becomes infected with various problems. And if this happens to children, then it does not matter! In that case, the situation continued to worsen. Remarkably, the skin diseases that newborns are infected with are … Health guide to keep newborns healthy!

Acne or rash  :-

Acne is not the only problem that adults have. This type of skin disease is also seen in children. Many times the new environment, even when the mother has hormone problems, attacks the baby’s skin. Because most of the time children are dependent on the mother’s milk. Also at birth, acne or rash can be seen on the skin of many babies. In this case, such problems can also be seen in the first few weeks after birth. Acne is mainly seen in children’s cheeks, back and forehead. There are various reasons for being acne.For example, breastfeeding may be from breastfeeding, while others may also use very tight and crisp clothes. Even washing children’s clothes with very alkaline detergent or soap can cause this type of skin problem. Health guide to keep newborns healthy!

Chicken Pox  :-

In children, it is quite natural to have chicken pox. Chicken pox begins with symptoms such as headaches, fever, lack of appetite, nausea and pain in the throat. Children often find it difficult to understand such problems because they cannot explain their troubles. In that case, the body of the children should be checked to see if there has been a watery rash. It is usually small and reddish in size. These rashes are not painful at all, but they do cause itching when the chicken pox heals.Contextually, chicken pox is mainly caused by a virus. It does get better in a few days though. However, in children, it is important to consult a doctor for such problems. Calamine lotion can also be used to reduce the itching of the eye. At the same time, the child needs to be properly fed and cared for.

Cradlecap :-

Cradle cap is a very common problem in children. This happens in children’s heads. Cradle caps are just as happy to see. In the case of the cradle cap, the skin on the head first becomes red. It then contains the yellow color. Then it becomes dry and hard and almost becomes powder. During this time a large amount of hair falls off. In addition to the head, such diseases can occur in the mouth, nose, throat, back, and armpit. In order to eliminate such problems, you need to clean your head and hair daily.At the same time, it is very easy to clean the cradle cap slowly with a soft lid.

Eczema :-

Eczema is another problem in children’s skin. This type of skin disease occurs in any part of the body, especially the hands, eyebrows, neck, face and back of the knee. Eczema is characterized by a reddish, dry spherical shape. Eczema is most often seen in eczema. After a few days, the blood flows out of them, and sometimes the blood comes out. However, as children get older you start to have these kinds of problems right away.

Hmm  :-

It’s hard to find people who haven’t had ham in childhood. Hum is one of the most common types of skin problems that children suffer from. The onset of the disease is very common. For example, nasal congestion, fever, swollen eyes and sore throat, cold sores and white rash on the face. Shortly thereafter, certain areas of the body, such as the mouth, throat, reddish spots on the back of the ear, appear as numerous acne. After 5-6 days, they gradually begin to recover.Although it is necessary to consult a doctor at this time.

Milia :-

Newborns suffer greatly from this disease. It also starts suddenly like the rest of the skin problem. In this case, the face of the children can be seen as white acne, around the cheeks, forehead, muzzle, nose and eyes. Sometimes the acne shoots begin to grow in size and become extremely soft. However, children have nothing to fear from this type of skin problem. Because within 5 weeks the acne begins to Health guide

Nappy Rash  :-

This type of skin disease is commonly seen in children’s lower body. That is, the nappy rash is the part of the body covered by the nappy. Symptoms of nappy rash are reddish acne, along the buttocks and genitals. Sometimes they are found to be dry or watery. The problem of nappy rash is most commonly seen in newborn infants aged one year. Diapers are the main reason for nappy rash. Children with wet diapers have this type of problem. Therefore, instead of wet diapers, baby skin should be kept dry.

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