To accelerate the development of the brain of the baby may love, learn methods

To accelerate the development of the brain of the baby may love, learn methods

All parents observe the improvement of the brain with proper growth of the baby’s body. What exactly do experts mean by brain improvement or performance? According to them, how much a child is being affected by his or her environment, whether laughter, crying, curiosity, etc. is being expressed in time, whether the parent is responding to any hint, all of them improve different parts of the brain. This is possible through love, giving children enough time.Therefore, in addition to feeding the baby and taking care of his health, he has to take care of all his minor emotions. The proper development of his emotions helps his brain to become transformed.

1. Keep an eye on every move

Ever since the age of four to six months, the baby has a variety of gestures, hands and feet. During this time, keep an eye on each child and respond positively with a smile. This will make her feel more at peace with you, as well as encourage her new1. Keep an eye on every move

2. Have fun

From feeding a baby or teaching something new, try to keep everything fun. It is easy to solve any difficult problem if you have fun or laughter. Children are so small, the world is completely new to them. So if everything goes in their daily routine through fun, the world is not difficult for them. This only increased their curiosity and mental fortitude. This mental fortitude helps to build up the brain and its performance. To accelerate the development of the brain of the baby love

3. Be positive when teaching

Children always show curiosity when learning something new. Seeing her first surprise, laughing at joy, relieving fear of bad things made her brain cells more sensitive. When he is told something new while learning, it accumulates in his brain. Not only the thing taught, but the manner in which it is taught also has a considerable effect on his mind. So when teaching something, try to keep a smile on your face. Your smile will make your junior brave learn new things. Even if you are wrong, he will try to correct your mistake without seeing your smile. To accelerate the development of the brain of the baby love

4. Teach new types of game

Teach your child the kind of game that he will learn many new things to play. He will learn something new from himself. For example, when a child is a year old, he can teach him word-of-mouth by teaching him word-making. You can buy simple puzzles and decorate him. In addition to playing with these, he will also bend his head, so that the brain will eventually improve.

5. Stimulate the book

Reading books is a very good practice. Therefore, it is good for the book to be stressed from a young age. If you are six-seven years old, buy a book with a great picture book. You yourself read the gestures to the child in the face of those stories. Impressions of images create new curiosity for the baby’s brain, and the type of story you tell is astonishing to the child. These emotions make the brain sensitive. To accelerate the development of the brain of the baby love

6. Listen to music

When the baby is crying or feeling upset for some reason, listen to the soft music of a light tune to calm him down. Similarly, you can absorb the songs you know while sleeping. Light melodies help to calm the cells in the brain. As a result, the baby’s brain is relaxed throughout the day.



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