Breastfeeding_Week Children are dying due to lack of breast milk

  Children are dying due to lack of breast milk

Over the next one week there will be various events all over the world, no less discussing how beneficial breastfeeding is for the baby. But after all this, nobody is interested in answering the question of why the situation is getting so scary day by day. The World Health Organization and UNICEF recently released a report. It found that almost no country adhered to the rules laid down by these two establishments for breastfeeding.Not only that, in the last few decades, more and more issues have slowly emerged as serious problems. What’s that problem?

The government of any country does not stand by the mothers. And in the absence of government regulations, no office is giving mothers longer leave after delivery. As a result, they have to leave their jobs while breast feeding. By doing so, children are deprived of the nutrients they need. Because of this, the majority of the disease has been around since childhood. As a result, death is increasing. The situation in our country is even worse. If such a situation is not done right now, then God knows what will happen next.Within 5 hours of the birth of the baby, she has to breastfeed. That’s the rule. Because after birth, this milk is the first medicine to form his body. After six months, the baby survives only after eating it. At this time, doctors refuse to eat anything other than breast milk. Because the many nutrients present in the mother’s milk make the baby’s body ready for war. It also plays a vital role in strengthening the immune system.

In a word, breast milk is like a vaccine for a baby. And mothers do not have the opportunity to administer these drugs to the baby. Their work life is becoming obstructed. That is why it is understandable how horrible the situation has become recently when we look back at the Global Breastfeeding Scorecard. According to the report, about 44 percent of mothers around the world do not breastfeed their baby in the first hour of birth.

Not only this, there are only 23 countries on this blue planet where the importance of breastfeeding babies is given. Unfortunately, Nepal and Sri Lanka are among the 23 countries, but India has not been seen far and wide. In this situation, all the Indians on the world map where Indians live, must keep an eye on this article. Because everyone should know how important breast milk is for a baby.And what can happen if you get it!

Find out what can happen if your baby’s milk enters the baby’s body for 6 months after birth.Breastfeeding Week

1. Improves immunity:

Vitamins, proteins, beneficial fats and physical antibiotics present in breast milk gradually improve the immune system’s ability to grow in a newborn’s body. As a result, bacteria and harmful germs cannot penetrate naturally.At the same time, the risk of physical problems such as pneumonia and colds is repeated.Breastfeeding Week ok

2. Diabetes, heart disease reduced:

The beneficial ingredients in breast milk strengthen the baby’s body from an early age so that the risk of developing diabetes or heart disease such as diabetes is reduced. Now surely we understand why our country as well as all over the world are suffering from heart disease. So mothers, please keep in mind that up to 6 months after birth, so that your children get breast milk

.Cancer stays away

3. Bones are hard:

Breast feeding is not only beneficial for the baby, but also! The mother’s health improves with the baby. Multiple studies have shown that as the baby becomes weaker during lactation, mothers are less likely to suffer from postmenopausal osteoporosis.

4. The risk of sudden death decreases:

Research says that if the newborn can start breastfeeding soon after birth, the risk of sudden infant death can be greatly reduced. In the last decade, in almost every state of our country, infant death has jumped in the last decade. In this case, doctors are blaming the mother for not breastfeeding her baby.

5. Weight loss is not possible:

Breast feeding reduces the risk of weight gain, as the mother is not likely to grow fat. In fact, nowadays where the average life expectancy of the Young Generation due to obesity is less than visible, there is no doubt that the importance of breast feeding has increased.

6. Cancer stays away:

Breast feeding during the six months of breastfeeding reduces the risk of developing breast cancer, as does the mother’s chances of developing ovarian cancer. Remarkably, as the prevalence of ovarian cancer continues to grow in the eyes of the world, it is no longer necessary to say how important breast feeding has become in this situation.

Cancer stays away

7. The benefits of mommy are:

Multiple case studies have shown that regular breast feeding allows the mother’s uterus to return to normal. At the same time, uterine bleeding also stopped.


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