Can’t your child remember anything? What to do to increase his memory?

Can’t your child remember anything? What to do to increase his memory?

The child’s first education is always very memorable to his parents. Each of his moves, words taught, makes these parents happy. At the same time, he is often forgotten because of his childhood. The parents have to repeat the words. How to increase the memory of the baby? How to improve his learning method so that he can remember his first teachings in small talk or small events. Many psychologists also give many suggestions in this regard. next….


1. Teach songs or rhymes:-

Children are very sensitive to melody, rhythm and rhythm. So they are easily aligned with them. As a result, when teaching the child some words, animals or words, try to teach them by rhyme or song. For the rhythm of the rhythm, anything taught to the child can be remembered. Even when you later say something to remind him of his memory, the rhythm is loud and the rest can tell. In the same way, with the melody and rhythm, the words gradually become heartbreaking. Later, when his memory is examined, he is trying to say the words in a song.  

2. Keep calm around:-

Keep calm around

When teaching a child a word or word, keep in mind that there is no noise or noise in the neighborhood. When there is a noise around, the child curiously turns his attention to it. So he can’t hear what you are taught.

3. Teach through fun:-

Teach through fun

Many people think that having fun does not make the child learn it with their mind, but only as fun. That’s not right, when teaching a child through fun, he remembers the things he taught for a long time. Later, when his memory is tested, he says or does the same thing as himself, having fun.

4. Repeat:-


The thing you want to teach doesn’t happen once. It is almost impossible for a child of four to six months to remember something once they hear or see it. So if you regularly teach or say or show what you teach, you will see that not every day, the child has started doing it himself. In this way, the child does not forget the things taught easily.

5. Visually teach:-

Try to teach the child a word visually. For example, when displaying the name of this animal, show the picture on TV or in the book at the same time. Likewise, show pictures of each letter while teaching one another. As a result of watching, their brains listen to the words and record the image. It holds the memory of the child’s learning for a long time.

6. Smile Teach:-

Smile Teach

Emotion effects are always reflected in your baby. When you go to teach or recognize a word or song or animal, if you do not have a smile on your face, the desire to learn the baby will be reduced. The smiles on your face create a positive flow in the baby from which he tries to learn and can remember the things he learned. The words or words that the child will not learn about the positives, but he will not remember long.

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