Here are some health tips for children

Here are some health tips for children

How much waiting for the child’s parents. Then one day the child comes to earth. After coming to earth, parents’ responsibilities are increased. Because one of them is to raise children as human beings.Every parent wants his or her child to have the right mental development. Parents have to obey many rules for their child’s well-being from an early age.Because one parent’s negligence can put the child at risk and even endanger life. We will give you some tips that are very important for your little gold.

Here are some health tips for children

1. Make the mistake of not letting your newborn baby eat anything other than breast milk. Many do not drink water, honey, sugar water or Egyptian water without knowing it. The effect can be immediately felt on your baby

2. Do not bathe the baby for the first three days after the baby is born.

3. Do not try to force the child to eat if he does not want to eat.

4. You will never go far, leaving the child alone in a high place.

5. Do not oil your baby immediately after taking a bath. You can use oil before bath.

6. Do not let your baby eat anything other than breast milk for the first 6 months.

7. If the baby cries, do not kiss him in the face to keep him calm.

8. Do not breastfeed any food other than breast milk during sleep at night.

9. Many people think that if the fever is covered with a thick cloth-blanket, the fever will be reduced. Don’t forget to do this. Keep the baby comfortable.

10. If you have diarrhea or a thin closet, you will give the baby all the food along with saline. Do not stop any food.

11. Never stress children with extra clothes.

12. Do not give your child any outside foods, long-term refrigerated foods or homemade foods.

13. Do not try to walk the child with a walker until the child can walk by himself.

14. If the child has difficulty sleeping, he should never give him any sleep medication.

15. Many people think that playing bananas, oranges and other fruits can make a child feel cold or grow. This idea is not true at all. Let your child eat all the fruits.

16. Do not wash or eat any fruit.

17. Never give your child any medicines without the doctor’s advice.

18. If the child does not play or mischief, never fear him. This can cause your child’s mental problems.

19. Never kill a child, explain to him if he does something bad.

20. Never smoke in front of the baby.

21. Do not watch any horror movie or drama with your child.

22. Do not allow your child to go alone in the kitchen or toilet.

23. Do not place any sharp objects like needles, scissors, knives in front of the baby.

24. Do not X-ray your baby if the

25. Keep all medicines out of the reach of the baby. problem is not serious.

Here are some health tips for children


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