Indian Baby Name, INDIAN Top baby names today girls and boy hindu and muslim all

Indian baby name,Top baby name today,girl and boy best name,hindu and muslim all

INDIAN BABY NAME.The name is the identity of a person and its personality is involved in it’s personal needs.So always keep a name from a good book or a good website with the name and try to name it after the name is very important to put names for each person’s own name, hence the name is the result, so that he is dying, The name of a child is given after birth and everyone is motivated to find the name. Many people are very fame for their name.The name of a person is always in the name of the person, so always keep this name in mind. Any person’s name is his true identity but all kinds of name should be kept in the name. Through this site you will find all kinds of names, among them the Hindu Muslim. I hope you enjoy the top ten name every day from this site,

 All names can be selected alphabetically, by rashi or by nakshatras. You can create list of your favourite names and get it emailed. You use advance search options to filter out names as per your wish. We trust our variety and discreet collection of names will make naming process of child a cakewalk.

This is a complete collection of all indian Baby Names,   traditional, modern, cute short and sweet and easy to pronounce names.

All Hindu baby names can be viewed alphabetically with their meanings and can be further filtered with various options

indian baby name
indian baby name


 Hindu BOYS Name 

  1. Alok

  2. Ameya

  3. Amit

  4. Amrit

  5. Ananda

  6. Angada

  7. Anirudhha

  8. Abhik

  9.  Abhay

  10. Adri

  11. Advit

  12. Ahan

  13. Hemil

  14. Harsith

  15. Hriday

  16. Harshit

  17. Ibhan

  18. Ijay

  19. Idhayan

  20. Joshit

    MUSLIM BOYs NAME_______________________

  21. Aabid
  22. Aadam
  23. Aadhil
  24. Aadil
  25. Mateen
  26. Aagha
  27. Aaqib
  28. Aarif
  29. Faaiz
  30. Faaris
  31. Fardin
  32. Farhaj
  33. Farhan
  34. Rahil
  35. Sahanul
  36. Ahsan
  37. Ammaar
  38. Ameer
  39. Aqib
  40. Atif 

    Hindu Girls Name 

  41. Aaditri
  42. Aadvika
  43. Aagarna
  44. Saavi
  45. Saahithi
  46. Sabita
  47. Sachika
  48. Sachith
  49. Sadhna
  50. Saguna
  51. Sahaja
  52. Sadhvi
  53. Saibya
  54. Sahitya
  55. Saksi
  56. Gaegi
  57. Gabhasti
  58. Gajara
  59. Taani
  60. Taaraka   

    Muslim Girls Name 

  61. Taiba
  62. Tahira
  63. Taban
  64. Tabana
  65. Tabasum
  66. Tabinda
  67. Safia
  68. Saida
  69. Salima
  70. Saben
  71. Sabiha
  72. Sadeta
  73. Aafia
  74. AadalNangeel
  75. Cantara
  76. Cheena
  77. Dafiya
  78. Dania
  79. Daiya
  80. Haiya


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