Muslim Baby Name , Girls & Boys

Muslim Baby Name

Tap on a particular letter here in the infant name discoverer instrument, you will see Indian infant names arranged by that letter. You could likewise tap on both of the accompanying connects to straightforwardly arrive the child name results pag The child naming service is dependably of huge significance

crosswise over beginnings or religions. Discovering religious infant names is simple at this point. Keep in mind your starting point and check here a rundown of infant name choices implied for your religion or birthplace.

m Baby Name , Girls & Boys _ Muslim Baby Name , Girls & Boys   


  1. Ayasha
  2. Sifa
  3. Zoya
  4. Nazma
  5. Tamvi
  6. Shilvi
  7. Harhana
  8. Yesna
  9. Jasmina
  10. Sariba                                                                                                                                           

    Boys name________

  11. Samiruddin
  12. Rasheed
  13. Abtab
  14. Rehab
  15. Farhad
  16. Fahim
  17. Farid
  18. Fardeein
  19. Toha
  20. Imran


What do Muslim names mean?

It is significant in the Muslim culture to give a decent name to the youngster. The Prophet had said that upon the arrival of Resurrection, everybody will be called by their names and their dad’s names.

Numerous Muslim names have a religious importance. If not religious, a child will be given a name with a decent significance or be named after a devout individual. Infant kid and young lady names are particular. Numerous young lady child names have female characteristics, for example, excellence and delicateness related with them. The 99 names of Allah are frequently utilized yet just with the prefix of Abdul (signifying “slave of”) before it.

There are some formal limitations in naming too. Names that mean bondage to anybody other than Allah are prohibited. Names of dictators, non-Muslim names, names of love things, creature names, demon names and names that don’t have any importance are additionally taboo.

The Muslim child naming function is called Tasmiyah. A child is generally named previously or on the seventh day after his introduction to the world. Regularly, Aqeeqah (shaving of the infant’s head and creature penance) is likewise done on that day.

To commend the event, silver or gold equivalent to the heaviness of the child’s hair is given as philanthropy. A couple of goats are relinquished for the gala after the service. 33% of the meat is dispersed as philanthropy.


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