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Find the roots and history of your favorite names by searching baby names by origin. Discover wonderful baby name suggestions from around the globe. Search through thousands of baby names by origin, including Irish, Scottish, Hebrew, Native American, and many others. Names are mentioned with their origins, lucky number, popularity, and meaning. Parents from the US, UK, and Canada can explore the perfect baby name from here.

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Top Baby Names By Origin:

Baby names often have a significant meaning and history behind them, which are usually influenced by their origin. Here's a brief overview of the different origins of baby names and the significance of each.

English Names: English names have a rich history and are often inspired by Anglo-Saxon culture. They are usually short, simple, and easy to pronounce. Examples include William, Elizabeth, and Thomas.

Greek Names: Greek names often have a mythological background and hold significant meaning. They are known for their elegance and timelessness. Examples include Athena, Apollo, and Demeter.

Latin Names: Latin names are widely used across many cultures and have a strong historical significance. They are often used in religious contexts and have strong meanings. Examples include Veronica, Gloria, and Sebastian.

Irish Names: Irish names are steeped in the rich culture and history of Ireland. They often have musical and poetic meanings and are known for their lyrical quality. Examples include Aoife, Liam, and Finian.

Hebrew Names: Hebrew names are derived from the Jewish culture and have significant religious significance. They often have deep meanings and are commonly used as baby names. Examples include Ava, Isaac, and Miriam.

Arabic Names: Arabic names have a rich history and cultural significance. They are known for their poetic quality and are often chosen for their meaningful definition. Examples include Aisha, Omar, and Fatima.

In conclusion, the choice of a baby name is a deeply personal decision and is often influenced by cultural, historical, and personal significance.