50 Irish Baby Names with Meaning

Baby naming is an important task that many parents take seriously. It can be a fun and creative process, but it can also be challenging and stressful. Parents may spend a lot of time researching names, discussing options with friends and family, and even consulting baby name books and websites. They may also consider factors such as the name's meaning and origin, the name's popularity, and whether the name will suit the child as they grow up. It's a personal decision, some parents may choose a name based on family tradition, some may want a unique name and some may just want a name that sounds good. It's important for the parents to agree on the name, as it will be with the child for their entire life. Naming a child is an important and personal decision that reflects a parent's hopes and aspirations for their child. It's a task that requires thought, consideration, and sometimes compromise.

1. Eoin
(God is gracious)

2. Finn
(fair or white)

3. Gráinne

4. Niamh
(bright, radiant)

5. Orla
(golden princess)