Top Italian Names for Your Newly Born Baby

When a baby is born in an Italian family the first tradition they follow is to name their baby according to their tradition. There are many Italian Baby Names available in the modern era but the people of Italy want to follow their historical traditional rules to name their babies.

In Italian families, babies are named after their parents, an aunt, an uncle, or a deceased saint or relative. Although this tradition is a custom made by the people of Italy and is followed by the family trees of the people.

There are some exceptions in this custom-made rule that a baby should name after their parents or grandfather. Sometimes the name of the grandfather is not after his parents. Perhaps he didn’t remember his parents' names or he was an orphan. In this case, the baby would be named after their parents or any other relative.

Names English Meaning
Ezekiel Strengthened by god
Garvin Comrade In Battle
Ailmer Famous
Ailise Noble
Ferdy Ardent For Peace
Wenona The First Born Daughter
Aizza Life
Gabriella Man of God
Aileen Light
Faith Faith, confidence, belief