Top Native American Baby Names

A baby's name is a significant choice that may help your family emphasize values and provide significance to the child's early years. Native American tradition and culture are deeply rooted in their names. A Native American Baby Name is a wonderful approach to respecting American heritage and the essential elements of the culture.

Many splendid and distinctive Native American names can transform the personality of your baby according to their meaning. All of the mentioned names would be great choices for your upcoming boy or girl. They are becoming increasingly popular while remaining distinctive enough to fit your little bundle of joy. 

Here are several Native American baby names that are gender-neutral, along with information on their meanings, etymologies, and other fascinating details. Some of the names are well-known, while others are unique. Check out the top Native American baby names below.

Names English Meaning
Seattle Salish. Man of high status
Tahoma Salish. Giver of water
Tatonga Sioux. A large deer
Tauri Laguna. Young eagle
Tokala Sioux or Dakota. Fox
Kiowa A tribal name
Koko Algonquin. The night. An adorable choice for a little one
Lomasi Unknown origin. Pretty flower
Lulu God's gracious act origin is unknown, possibly Creek, Apache, or Choctaw for rabbit..
Malia Hawaiian. Calm waters