Going to be a mother? Change these practices now

Going to be a mother? Change these practices now

A mother takes on a lot of responsibility for her pregnancy. With a new experience one has to face a thousand new responsibilities in his life. Even though there are big elders and close people in the house next to them, some tasks have to be understood by themselves. Even before marriage or after marriage, with different habits, you have to adjust yourself at this time. So maybe the elders say or in the previous day everyone would say that being a mother is not a word of mouth.Even if your spouse takes your minor fault or bad habits into your mother, your child will not accept any fault or fault of your own when the time comes. As a result, the family elders and your physician will always advise you to follow the correct rules and regulations. Our report today is to tell you exactly what to do or not to eat during your mother’s journey. Let us know the wrong habits that need to be changed during pregnancy.

1. Beverage and temperature

Eat plenty of water during this time so that you and your baby are always hydrated. There should never be anything done during this time so that the body temperature becomes excessive. Try to eat less cold drinks in the market. The consumption of alcohol should also be reduced this time. The loss of both the baby and the baby’s mother when the body temperature rises.

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2. Thoughts

One should not worry at this time. One should always have a healthy humanity. It should never be done or encountered in such a task so that the mother suffers from anxiety over the years.

3. Going to the doctor

You should consult with your doctor over a period of time to determine which diet is wrong or not, which routine to follow, and when to work or not according to your body’s condition. Avoiding this can mean that one wrong thing can be repeatedly put one foot in front of you and your child.

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4. Vitamins

Many people do not have the desire or the desire to eat at this time. But at this time, it is important to be well-fed and to take care of the proper nutrients and vitamins for the development of the baby and the mother of the baby. Must eat the fruits and foods rich in vitamin essential.

5. To eat

Feeding must be healthy this time. During pregnancy, a mother’s daily calorie intake increases by as much as 5 calories. As a result, if the body does not get proper food, the body composition is broken. Therefore, in addition to vitamins, important proteins, carbohydrates and minerals must be taken care of. There is a need to stop eating processed foods.

6. Health Practices

The Cross of Health Practices is of course good for the body. But during pregnancy, many people are practicing healthy practices like this, which is not true at all. This is because the body composition changes a lot during this time. Without a consultation with a health care provider, there are many exercises or exercises that can harm a pregnant baby. As a result, it is important to look at this time.

7. Intoxication

It has to be strictly adhered to. Don’t tell the drug. Learn to Speak Normally, this time too. Any intoxication at this time is extremely nasty and harmful. Many people are addicted to excessive anxiety this time. Stop doing this. Smoking or alcohol or any other intoxication can have a bad effect on you and your baby’s body. Even those who are smoking, tell them to move away from the surroundings, or else they refrain from being in that circle.

8. Electronics

Many people use electronic things to spend time. Many use electronic sheets when they are in the cold. Try to use them less. Avoid using things that are in contact with your body. These often cause harmful magnetic waves that harm the baby and the baby’s mother.



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