What do you want to eat while pregnant?

What do you want to eat while pregnant?

During the pregnancy, almost all the girls are worried about feeding. When nausea and vomiting occur, the problem gets worse. I remember the goodness of the little creature before I could even take a few faces. Think about how many favorite foods to exclude. But doctors are talking about a lot of foods at this time. Beyond that, do you see it safe for you in this report?What do you want to eat while pregnant?

1. Fruit

This time you have to eat but also your baby. So choose nutritious snacks. Fruits are as nutritious as they are safe from. Not wanting to eat anything heavy in the morning !? Eating an apple or a glass of watermelon can meet the needs of protein and vitamins. There are also avocado fruits that are rich in potassium. Pregnant women need 3-5 milligrams of mineral per day. So do not leave the fruit.What do you want to eat while pregnant?

2. Vegetables

Vegetables are a treasure trove of minerals. And this time the body has to supply enough minerals. So making vegetables with small alluring ingredients that will satisfy you, and your body will meet your needs.

What do you want to eat while pregnant?

3. Fish , Eggs, Meat

Various egg products like scrambled egg, egg toast, egg yolk, etc. will be very healthy for mothers. However, do not eat half-boiled eggs, as they are harmful to the body while pregnant. Besides, you can make some snacks that are made with fish or meat. Roasted fish, boiled chicken, chicken soup, fish with vegetables can be your evening snack. It will also add enough protein to the body. Which is very important for the mother and the womb.

4. Carbohydrates

Protein, vitamins are all, carbohydrates are needed for the body or not! During this time, rice is not cooked in the mouth of the girls. Not to worry, light snacks like bread toast, noodles, sandwiches, etc. will ease the demand for carbohydrates. Many times at noon or at night they do not want to eat heavy food. Then you can eat butter toasted with bread in toast. In the afternoon, instead of white rice, you can have lunch with two rice balls or dalia.


5. Salad

When nothing is wanting to eat, choose the salad. Keep eating the salad on the opposite side of the magazine leaf. See that your body is not lacking in essential minerals. You can also experiment with different kinds of vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, cucumbers. You can make sticky salad with these recipes by looking at the recipe. Vegetable salads not only contain mineral, but also some vitamins, which are very useful during pregnancy.Not only vegetables, you can use different fruits for making salads. Apples, mango, grapes, ripe papaya etc. Due to the fruit, make your face fruity salad in minutes. This salad is not only delicious, but it will also provide the essential vitamins like Vitamin C.

pregnant MOTHERS

6. Bread and cheese

You can eat cheese only with bread or bread. Cheese contains a lot of calcium and protein. During pregnancy, the two are mastered for your body. But there are also various types of low-fat biscuits that can be eaten as snacks.


7. Milk

When nothing is in the mouth, you can easily breastfeed. The calcium contained in milk keeps your body’s bones strong. Milk is very important for you and the creatures inside you at this time. So it must be eaten, but not in the mouth.

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